Stressed at Work? Ditch the Drama Already

The average workday for many professionals is full of challenges and demands, whether that means meeting tight deadlines, sitting in back-to-back meetings or fielding client requests. As a result, you probably come home exhausted and drained at the end of the day. If this sounds familiar, rest assured you’re not alone. Daily responsibilities and duties… Read more »

Changing Other People: Three Ways We Can Influence Others to Be More Positive

We often hear how we can’t change other people; we can only change ourselves.  Then, today, I was reading an article by Michelle Gielan (who works with husband and fellow positive-psychology researcher, Shawn Achor) about how we actually CAN make other people more positive.  Of course, I had to learn more!  Here’s three ways we… Read more »

4 Ways to Practice Positivity at Work: Guest blog from Happy Brain Science

You hear a lot about happiness, and some of what you hear (money, fame, good looks) actually makes very little difference in happiness for most of us. But the data suggests that positive attitude really does boost well-being. You might choose to practice positivity at work in these ways: 1.  Write down your Best Possible Future at… Read more »