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Is It Better to Give than Receive? The Research Says Yes

We’ve all probably heard the adage that it’s better to give than receive. But this isn’t just a saying, there’s actual research that shows this is true for our success and wellbeing.  The “giving” I’m referring to is social support – being there for someone else emotionally, showing you care, and offering help as needed…. Read more »

Avoid the cortisol demons

Cortisol demon - The Positive Edge

When we experience stress, it triggers the release of cortisol in our body, which heightens our sensitivity to other stressors and can keep us focused on the problem.  We can get so focused in fact, that we lose perspective and the ability to even think logically about other things.  It’s much easier to notice this… Read more »

Are You A Good Listener? 10 things to consider

I’m honored to have this guest blog by my friend, Deb Raupp. It’s hard to be a good listener, but it’s so important for building positive connections with the people in our lives. Listening is arguably the most important skill for building relationships– professionally or personally. I’ve taught listening for 30+ years and am more passionate… Read more »

You got a raise? How nice . . . How we respond to good news is important

Active Constructive Response

How do you react when someone shares good news with you?  Studies show that the health of your relationship with the other person (especially if they’re your partner) is very dependent on your response.  In fact, how you respond to their good news is even more important than when they share something bad.  When I… Read more »