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Be Careful What You Notice – It Creates Your Reality and What’s Possible

Out of all the information that surrounds us coming in from all of our five senses, we actually only notice an extremely small percentage. According to Shawn Achor in his book, Before Happiness, the human brain receives more than 11 million bits of information per second, but can only process or “notice” about 40 bits per second. Wow!  That’s… Read more »

It’s Your Turn to Shine

post-traumatic growth, The Positive Edge

This week I’m honored to share a guest blog by Dean Raasch.  I met Dean through one of my favorite groups, the National Speakers Association – Wisconsin Chapter.  His story of his life’s struggles, including being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia at the age of 19, are a surprise considering his amazing upbeat attitude and love… Read more »

The Best Present Is Peace of Mind

Peace of mind, The Positive Edge

As I chat with my friends and neighbors, I see so many of them letting their happiness and peace of mind be consumed by things they can’t control.  Some common themes are unfair situations, betrayals by people they trust, frustrations with other people, and, especially lately, politics. It makes me sad as I watch these things hurt… Read more »

The Movie in Our Mind – What’s Playing?

Movie in our mind_The Positive Edge

Think of a favorite scene from a movie; preferably one with a lot of emotion.  One of mine is from Forrest Gump. Towards the end of the movie Forrest visits Jenny’s apartment and finds out she’s now a Mom. Jenny tells him that the the little boy’s name is Forrest, after his Daddy. As he suddenly realizes that this… Read more »

Why Are Some People More Negative than others? Our genetics play a role

Pie chart_Genetics_The Positive Edge

You’ve probably noticed how some people in your life seem to be more upbeat and optimistic while others are constantly focused on all the things that go wrong.  I remember wondering why people are so different in their mindsets.  Was it just easier for some people to be positive?  Did they choose to be more… Read more »

Be Careful if You Play the Comparison Game

Have you ever made yourself feel sad or jealous by comparing what you have to someone else?  I never really thought I played the comparison game.  I’m generally not envious of other people’s nice houses or new cars.   I don’t wish for their lives or their things.  However, I’ve recently discovered I do participate… Read more »