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The World Can Be a Difficult Place – Why bother trying to be more positive?

Difficult world - The Positive Edge

What’s the point of trying to be more positive?  Let’s be honest — life can be hard! The world can be a difficult place. There are natural disasters wreaking havoc, the serious threat of nuclear missiles, social injustices, and the list goes on.  In our own personal lives, we may have challenges with our health, work,… Read more »

Our Mailbox Had Been Smashed – Again! Dealing with the reaction of unfairness

Unfairness - The Positive Edge

Last week, we went out to get the mail and found that our mailbox had been smashed and totally destroyed. What?!?! That’s the second time in about a year. I was angry and frustrated. Who had done it? They should have to deal with the consequences! We started imagining what types of punishments would be appropriate if the… Read more »

Be Careful What You Notice – It Creates Your Reality and What’s Possible

Out of all the information that surrounds us coming in from all of our five senses, we actually only notice an extremely small percentage. According to Shawn Achor in his book, Before Happiness, the human brain receives more than 11 million bits of information per second, but can only process or “notice” about 40 bits per second. Wow!  That’s… Read more »

It’s Your Turn to Shine

post-traumatic growth, The Positive Edge

This week I’m honored to share a guest blog by Dean Raasch.  I met Dean through one of my favorite groups, the National Speakers Association – Wisconsin Chapter.  His story of his life’s struggles, including being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia at the age of 19, are a surprise considering his amazing upbeat attitude and love… Read more »