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How Can You Not Like BINGO? Use this tool when you feel judged for your preferences

name it to tame it, The Positive Edge

Have you ever observed (or been part of) a conversation that went something like the one below? Pick any topic. This example uses playing BINGO as the point of discussion, a rather neutral topic compared to others that may be loaded with more emotion. “I don’t understand how you can like playing BINGO! It’s incredibly… Read more »

The Best Present You Can Give this Year – Be the positive influence

positive influence The_Positive_Edge

Now more than ever, our friends and family are struggling with an overwhelming influx of negativity, whether it be in the news, social media, or face-to-face interactions.  We can either join them in this downward spiral, or we can be the one who brings a more positive mindset and shifts the conversation and the energy…. Read more »

Changing Other People: Three Ways We Can Influence Others to Be More Positive

bad day, The Positive Edge

We often hear how we can’t change other people; we can only change ourselves.  Then, today, I was reading an article by Michelle Gielan (who works with husband and fellow positive-psychology researcher, Shawn Achor) about how we actually CAN make other people more positive.  Of course, I had to learn more!  Here’s three ways we… Read more »

Is It Better to Give than Receive? The Research Says Yes

We’ve all probably heard the adage that it’s better to give than receive. But this isn’t just a saying, there’s actual research that shows this is true for our success and wellbeing.  The “giving” I’m referring to is social support – being there for someone else emotionally, showing you care, and offering help as needed…. Read more »

Don’t Just Do It For Yourself – How our positivity affects those around us

Do you brighten a room when you enter or when you leave? I really like this phrase!! It’s a great reminder that our attitudes and emotions have a strong influence on the people around us. Most of my tips focus on how we, as individuals, benefit when we train ourselves to be more positive. Another very important result that… Read more »

A Fun Activity that Improves Connection and Interactions with Others

Here’s a fun activity that can help people connect at a deeper level and gain a better understanding about why people believe, behave, and think the way they do.  It’s great for improving communication and cooperation in teams, committees, boards, and even families. This activity explores one of the key factors that impact our perspective… Read more »