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positive and happy business people employeesKick-start Your Positive Performance Culture

Is morale at your organization suffering because of resistance to a major transition such as changes in structure, regulations, or systems? Are you losing productivity because of poor connection and collaboration between teams or departments?

The fact is,

studies show that negativity in the workplace costs organizations $500 billion each year in the U.S. alone.

Tina Hallis, Ph.D., works with forward-thinking organizations to give them The Positive Edge. She delivers engaging, action-oriented workshops and programs that give people the powerful tools they need to shift from survival mode to success mode so they can fulfill their true potential.  Whether the goal is improving communication, teamwork, customer relations or overall work culture, Tina delivers simple science-based strategies that can start making a difference in your organization right away.  But she doesn’t stop there.  Tina provides options, like CDs, books, and inspirational magnets, that keep the message top-of-mind so people actually remember to apply what they’ve learned.

The result?  Higher performance.  Increased productivity.  People who are more positive and resilient – both at work and at home. This lays the foundation for super-charged employees, a more energized sales force, and differentiated customer service.

Check out examples of her most popular programs here.

Imagine if each person in your organization brought their very BEST to work each day?  If they were comfortable sharing new ideas, collaborating for the greater good, and contributing to a culture that positively motivated all staff?  You’d have a powerful advantage.

“Although very few of them had an understanding of what this presentation would hold prior to our National Sales Meeting, our team overwhelmingly chose Tina’s presentation on DiSC personalities as a highlight of the 2-day event. Tina was professional and skilled at engaging the audience, and got our often reluctant group moving. I was particularly impressed at how well she was able to adapt her presentation to fit our company culture and professional field. We look forward to continuing to work with Tina to continue our staff development and build on the knowledge gained at our National Meeting throughout the year. Well done!” – Marci Birkes-Geffert, Training Specialist, Midwestern BioAg

Choose from:

  • Lunch & learn presentations for departments, groups or clubs
  • Keynotes for your organization’s or association’s next big event
  • Workshops and training packages for more interactive exercises and applications for your specific challenges
  • Follow-up packages to make the information stick
  • Everything DiSC® Personality Style Assessments to identify your people’s strengths and improve their interactions with colleagues, managers and customers

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Watch the video to learn more about The Positive Edge.



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