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Nothing gives a company a Positive Edge like great teamwork, collaboration and communication!  Tina is excited to be able to offer Everything DiSC®  personality assessments and workshops combined with Positive Psychology to help your workplace, your teams and your sales people not only discover their personality style, but more importantly, to create an actionable plan to put that valuable information to work.

The reports and workshops provide critical insights into an individual’s strengths, areas of challenge and how these affect their job and the way they interact with others.  In fact, details are provided to help people identify the styles of their colleagues, manager, and even customers so they can gain an important understanding of how to best relate to each of them and build a better relationship.

One of the biggest limitations for our careers (and our lives) is our inability to recognize how other people perceive us and to adapt our style for improved trust, productivity and overall effectiveness in our jobs.

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