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Tina Hallis speaking at the DreamBankIf your audience is looking for a speaker that will give them simple but POWERFUL tools they can start using right away to activate their positive potential, and are skeptical of the newest professional development fads, then Tina’s science-based, interactive, and engaging programs are for them.

Check out some of her most requested topics – and formulas for success – below.

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Many of Tina’s programs focus on The Path for PositivityTM

Path for Positivity

Popular Topics   Programs are customized for the expectations and goals of the event

Teamwork & Relationships:

  • Maximizing Communication, Collaboration & Connection by Understanding & Appreciating Our Differences  We don’t observe the world, we interpret it based on our own personal perspectives.  Because we all have different life experiences and different personalities that shape our perspectives, this can make our interactions challenging.  What’s more, our brains trigger a “threat” alert when we meet someone with different preferences than us.  Understanding and reminding ourselves that these differences are not bad, but interesting, improves our ability to connect, collaborate, and communicate with the people around us.  This program helps people understand their own personal perspective and how to identify and adapt to those of others.

Resilience During Change:

  • Finding Sanity in Ambiguity & Uncertainty:  Staying Positive when Things Get Tough  It’s natural to worry about how upcoming changes in our organization will affect our work and lives. In fact, we’re wired to anticipate the worst possible outcome. Although this is an important part of our survival instinct, there are things we can do to shift our thinking and stay more positive. Instead of feeling anxious and stressed, we can get better at focusing on the opportunities that the change may bring. The result is a more enjoyable work experience, a smoother transition, and higher productivity.

Positive Attitude:

  • Sharpen Your Positive Edge:  Shifting Your Thoughts for More Positivity & Success  Work (and life) can be hard! It’s easy to get stuck focused on all the problems and challenges that stress us out. In fact, our brains are wired to anticipate the worst possible outcome and dwell on all the things that seem unfair. The exciting news is that we have another option. We can override our natural negative bias and choose to also notice more of the good. The strategies and insights in this program are designed to make that choice easier. The result is a more enjoyable work experience, less stress, and a higher quality of life.

Sales Trainings

  • Winning the Mind Game of Sales I:  Improving Your Optimism to Minimize Stress & Maximize Results  We often hear that succeeding in sales is a numbers game, yet anyone in sales knows, it’s also a mind game. To provide the best customer experience, sales professionals need to bring a positive and optimistic attitude to their work every day. In fact, studies show that positivity and optimism drive sales results. Yet constant rejection and challenging customers can drain their energy and motivation. The great news is that increasing our optimism is something that can be learned. That’s where this program’s simple but powerful, science-based strategies to build optimism and resilience can make all the difference.


  • Winning the Mind Game of Sales II:  Understanding Your Customer from the Inside-Out  Customers have different buying styles and preferences. That’s why understanding the perspective and priorities of each customer is critical for successful sales. They key is to also understand your sales style so you know how to adapt to create a positive interaction. This program will help you quickly gain insights into how your customers think so you can relate and connect at a deeper level using neuroscience and personality theory based on Everything DiSC® .


  • The Surprising Truth about Goals & Willpower:  How Our Choices Set the Stage for Success or Failure  Ever wonder why some people seem to score every goal they set and make it look easy? While others struggle to even get close? The surprising truth is that it doesn’t happen by accident. There really is a secret formula to choosing the right goals for you, engaging your willpower to work for you rather than against you, and setting yourself on the path for success. There really is a science behind creating the life you’ve always wanted. Fortunately, this program delivers the easy-to-implement formulas that can and will fuel your goals and ignite unlimited opportunities.


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